Pattern by Suzi Ashworth for    Folkestone Harbour Yarn 2022.

This decoration is made in one flat piece before being embroidered, sewn up the side seams and finished with contrast edging and a wire ‘clothes hanger’.

Level: Easy.

To make this decoration you will need:

3mm crochet hook  

5g approx 4ply/sock yarn in Main colour. Sample uses FHY 'Merlot'.

2-3 metres of 4ply/sock yarn in Contrast colour.  Sample uses FHY 'Jarman'.

Large wool/embroidery needle  

Scissors or snips  

20cm thin craft wire

Written Pattern:

Before you start crocheting cut 2 x 30cm lengths of yarn to make extra chains on rows 6 & 8.

To start: In Main colour make a slipknot and chain 17. Leave a long tail at the start to sew up the sides with later on.

Row 1: make a treble crochet (Tr) into 4th chain from the hook. Tr 12. Turn

Rows 2-4: Chain 3 (counts as 1st Tr), Tr 13.

Row 5: Chain 3 (counts as 1st Tr), Tr 13. Chain 13. Turn work.  Before starting next row, attach one of your 30cm pieces to the the 3rd chain on row 5 and chain 10. Secure end.

Row 6: Make 1 tr into the 4th chain from your hook. Make 9 Tr into each of the chains, then 14 Tr across the body of the sweater, then Tr 10, one in to each of the chains made by your piece of yarn. Your work is now 34 stitches wide. These extra 10 stitches either side are the ‘sleeves’ of the sweater. Turn work.

Row 7: Chain 3 (1st Tr), then Tr 33. Turn work.

Before starting the next row, attach the second 30cm piece of yarn to the 15th stitch, chain 6, and secure yarn with a slip stitch to the 20th stitch in the row. This makes the ‘neck hole’ of the jumper.

Row 8: Chain 3, counts as 1st Tr), Tr 13. Make 1 Tr into each of the  6 chains that make your ‘neck hole’. Then Tr 14 to the end of the row. Turn Work.

Row 9: Chain 3, Tr 33. Secure yarn and cut  leaving a tail long enough to sew in later.

Row 10: Attach the main colour yarn to the 11th stitch along the last row. Chain 3 (counts as 1st Tr). Tr 13. Turn work. Do not make Tr into the last 10 stitches of Row 9 as these side pieces will make the sleeves.  

Rows 11-14: Chain 3 (counts as 1st Tr), Tr 13. Turn work.

At the end of Row 14 secure the yarn and cut it  leaving a long tail for sewing up.

Trim and tidy the ends of the pieces of yarn used to add extra chains on the sleeve and neck. 

Crochet Chart

In Contrast colour yarn, embroider one of the ‘body’ panels of the sweater with the Christmas Tree pattern. Secure the yarn before cutting it. See Diagram.  

Embroidery Template

Now fold your flat ‘sweater’ along rows 7-8. The neck should be centrally placed. Using the long tails on Main colour and the large embroidery/wool needle, sew the sides of the sweater together by going up the ‘body’ and out along the ‘arm’ sections. See diagram. 

Secure and cut your ends.

With Contrast colour yarn, Double crochet 12 around the neck hole, 28 Dc around the waist, and 8 Dc around each sleeve cuff. Secure and cut the ends.   Lastly bend your 20cm piece of wire into a coathanger shape. Your coathanger will seem wide for such a small garment, but this is to provide support to the shoulder.       

Crochet Chart: