For my upcoming (1st March 2024) bollard yarnbombing workshop at Fourth Wall Folkestone (10-12 the Old High Street) I have put together a selection of FREE downloadable knitting and crochet patterns. 

Some printouts will be available on the day, but if you don't have time to drop in on the afternoon then a pre-made item can be dropped off on the day or in advance to Fourth Wall or  Folkestone Harbour Yarn (49a The Old High Street) and we will add it to the yarn bombing bollard.

For those who can't knit, crochet or sew we have foam sheets, and patchwork squares that can be written on in fabric pens, so you can leave a message and attach it to the bollard!


Ravelry: Cuterus pattern by Lana Luna 

 Ravelry: Angry Rainbow Uterus pattern by Jenni Frencham 

 Ravelry: Small boob pattern by Sandra Magnusson 

 Ravelry: Pride Flag Hearts pattern by Grace Grommes 


 Ravelry: Woolly Womb pattern by Amanda Berry 

 Ravelry: Knitted Knockers in the Round pattern by Melissa Friedlund 

 Ravelry: Pride Flag Pins pattern by Ariel 

 Ravelry: Heart pattern by Green Dog Dolls